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Men like confidante of several major reasons

1, has a beautiful "iron man" will be even more proud

there's gotta man may desire, if good friends, wine, female friends is very intoxicating one, they are more cautious, because the position is different, and more help than lover man; if it is the temperament of a great man and confidante, work even more capable than men, this is a wonderful thing.

2, tender embrace, how can you not make a man

if he was depressed, may be drunk, if a little strength and courage, you may get a fight. However, if there is a loving female friend, he would find her or even cry.

male friends, absolutely not, even if others do not know, he was unable to do in front of same-sex-poor. Sirens are not terrible, they love men in front of the occasional weak, preferring to truly appreciate this kind of weak.

3, friend is a unconditional dedication

this kind of confidante unrequited devotion, not for money purposes, to give women special wisdom and gentleness.

4, she is not exclusive to you, and your hearts

once women become a wife, is no longer an objective view of the man, they like exclusive, confidante will not. Generally has its own hidden character, if a man's partner is a woman, is more likely to be the confidante.

5, sirens are usually very smart

a woman in a man's life forever, or his mother, or he will never do not have access to a "confidante." After all, confidante contains a lot of things. Love is so short, marriage is too stuffy, long only confidante. So, to want to be a man's confidante Lady are usually very open-minded and very smart.

6, satisfy the vanity of man

some women are born to be friends. They love relationships easily, like a man hate bound. This is definitely more men appreciate the type of friends. So it is not so "friend" man likes to make friends with this woman.

enjoying the wife or woman outside the couple's care and closeness, can greatly satisfy man's vanity.

7, can inspire a man more tolerance and understanding

such as drinking in the pub, men and a dozen liquor jugs lawsuit, a cup of a dispute between the two places, women don't. Friends of the opposite sex can stimulate a man more tolerance and understanding, and willing. This is gender identity, strong in taking care of the weak. And when the woman was love, men also meet a male vanity, which is the most fundamental thing confidante, willing, how can we not good?

8, smart man can enjoy the "nameless blessing"

If the first confidante was his woman, then met the same cute, even more attractive women do? men possessive he won't let go, committed bigamy, not only abhorrent but Li; lover and there were too many erotic taste, go looking for her friend. Her love turned into friendship, and truly love to his wife at home, and confidante to help each other out.

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