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We can only hope that after marriage life was simple and full

From met, know, love hand led hand step into wedding of Church, now thought people wife of only hope married Hou life of days had have simple and full on good, for I for, this is happiness, love, eventually also is trend plain, love Shi of we, also had vigorous, love have die, from married began slowly found, family in heart accounted for of share more big.

     We now live a light simple life, daily work, home with kids for dinner, my parents took the children by day, Sunday the rest of the time, and occasionally go out to play with friends, occasionally a bit, and this on the day I was in a hurry.

    one years of time in, we with himself work of money has buy has a car car has, such work on convenient has, days simple is is full, many with we age of $literal, or also in love, or also is single, many people said envy we such of life, collection home joy, I think also is good, although we nothing money, cannot what vigorous of, we not pursuit luxury of things, but we get has we himself wants to of, Such on enough has, although I also is wants to rich, I wants to, we through himself efforts get of, should will more of treasure, also more of treasure we this copies ordinary no any thoughts of love,, we old has, we can is proud of said, when, we no graduated on broke up, each other treasure go to has hair, this is so-called of and child old's, let we has been led hand go down, on like we had said of, we led led hand, had to happy, to to other of happy and happy of life with. I think we would have been happy.

    simple words, simple love story, but it is very real. Simple is good, love is good, as we have two names, a simple love, a simple love, each other's mind is so simple is good.

    hope that we all have and hold each other's precious idea, always put each other in the heart of the most important positions, that's good!

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