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38 women's day to send love and warm wishes SMS

March 8: international women's day is coming soon, don't know what the baby her blessed good? May wish to look at the small finishing 38 sent his wife good wishes message!


today is international women's day, invite you to dinner I was afraid you fat, buy you a drink I was afraid you drunk, you smoke you're not, you travel too expensive, give you a text message green and affordable; I wish a happy holiday!


send you a bouquet of flowers, thank you Dr House give you a table, thank you for the love you pot soup, I wish you forever health; some more red wine in the evening, we both love each other forever; I wish a happy holiday!


to start a revolution, promoting production, jacked up the sky at the same time, also fought in the first line of kitchen back home, hard working female compatriots, today is my day, I give myself a day off today, a good chic; I wish a happy holiday!


in this belongs to the women's day approaching, I would like to assure my noble tribute to the wife, and warm greetings! Over the years to serve on your in-laws, care for children outside the home you have been willing to fight on the front lines, you work hard; I wish a happy women's day! I'll always love you!


"38" is the sky, busy living home and outside, big or small nervous Luo, the old man child hanging heart, again no tired without a break, is good for the day. Wish friends a happy holiday for women!


on Earth, plants, animals, biology, microbiology, as well as two characters: benefit of mankind is Nu Wa; woman is the biggest contribution to humanity. Women's day, I wish female friends happy holidays!

world's most nagging words contain the most warm greetings, calculation of the haggle over every penny in the world can not cover up the inclusive Catholic thick love. International women's day came around to every woman in a word: hard work!


MTX stung methotrexate, cell phone rings, greetings and blessing. Voice SMS, send gentle happiness. Gentle voice, passing Miss heart. Special days SMS, happy 38, relaxed all day.


another 38, beautiful women who withhold the rest? The House, rejected class up, money to spend. Play to play happy, really, wish you every day for the holidays! Happy women's day!


don't let a long life filled with you, don't let your work take up your space and don't let things fill up your time, don't let yourself there is no time to breathe. Today, 38 women's day, remember to rest, take care of yourself.

every sad are you heal heartache for me, every sick are you cooking medicine for me, soup, every setback is applauded you cheering for me, my wife, 38 women's day, I would like to wish you health.


today I cleaned the room, ilove you stop work; meals I burned today, wife, prop your legs today I will pour, the wife can handle; housework I'm the whole package, you would like to smile all day! I wish my wife a happy women's day!


you are a firecracker in the kitchen, fried fried fried, crackling; her husband, kid, you are jasmine, gentle and caring, sweet, open-minded work you are cactus flower, strong, optimistic and resilient. I wish a happy women's day!


natural beauty is your sign, clean is your own; women to men is your personality; shiny, you charming; I wish you 38, happy forever!


I miss you, you live in my heart day and night, day and night care for you, even though the confidante and changed, as you build your ideal paradise, even an entire life time. I wish you 38 happy holidays!

I want to put the secret deep heart, I would like to send our wishes aloud to; I want to cherish friendship, I want to give you all laugh; I want to let the haze gone with the wind, I want to make life sweet! Happy 38!


I have no money to buy diamonds for you, and yet you say I accompany you to count every star is beautiful, I have no money to send you roses, but you said I'm here every spring is beautiful, but today I just wanted to say, 38, the wife you are the most beautiful.


Qian XI Wanxi today Hershey, pretended Vanson today, my wife, today is your day, you will have a good rest, not to cook in a hurry, by my count, 38, today your best, I'm in love with you.


said man's responsibility: last days-family. Said man's great: busy making money to support their families. Said a man emboldened: in addition to wife and MOM! Two women in a man's life: happy holidays!

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