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The couple things described marriage law

Husband and wife rule 1 : don't step on marriage on the head


an old saying that a family man is God. But in modern society, even women can hold up half the sky. Society is different, subtle changes can also occur between husband and wife relationship.


not in a couple of those things, the (static), and Wang Changshui is a typical female Takao combination, both of which marriage is the end, but the woman's look, the man is not pleasing to the eye. Husband not have their own shape better, earn did not own much, wondering how first day of marriage divorce, no matter how hard working husband, that ever stepped on the husband, "I was 90 minutes, he will be 60 minutes, we were average, I come down. ”


of course, now men women marriage combinations are certainly not less, many women marry after a full-time housewife, circle of life every day is children.


Anna had the top students of the Department of architecture, but in the play, but after getting married, and gave birth to three children, she is out of shape does not say, and completely out of society. But still can not be recognized by husband, married for many years, and have no chance to even honor the mother-in-law. Found hubby outside when another woman, are still calling her husband in public shame, not too seriously in the marriage, Anna bemoaned himself is not happy.


more reviews: the ancient marriage about "tying", but nowadays this "equal" marriage does not, but "female Takao", "men and women" marriage is more fashion. But the combination is not balanced, but don't let the mind do not balance, high on the side if you willfully above the marriage, if it has been "compromises", such a marriage, how happy? Gap between couples is normal, but don't let this gap the gap became two people unhappy.

husband and wife rule 2 : the wife will play   contradictions run bypass


everything negotiable, so was marital relationships. Good thing shared by two people, bad couple spent together, encounters differences is, of course, want to talk to.


to say differences, children can be counted as one, particularly a Dink is a wanted child, will discuss such couples live, don't believe a mistake.


just like in a couple of those things, then discovered she was pregnant, and did not discuss it with her husband Wang Changshui, pulled a friend Lin Jun (Chen), sneak knocked the child to the hospital. Afterwards my husband found, resolutely, and that divorced, make both unhappy.


in contrast, Lin Jun is much smarter, while the husband wanted children, but Lin Jun played even with cheat, husband and I discuss the first said 35 students, over the age of 35 and her husband importuning, extend the time for children to the age of 40.


being the husband of Tang Peng (Huang Lei) and on the surface but also to wife tolerance, patience, composure, but secretly fiddle, replaced his wife's medicine.


comments: couples get along a lot better, while competitors certainly are sparking, why not discuss things, if you undermine marriage because of the unauthorized action of a party that is not good.

two people have differences of opinion, woman born spoiled brat wife can play skill, her husband Isaac spoiled brat. My husband, if not of principle, turn a blind eye and do some concessions. Marital harmony, after all, is King!

couples rule 3:  husband to muddle   reason MOM and wife


son-in-law said the mother-in-law made him look more pleasing to the eye, but the mother-in-law daughter-in-law doesn't work that way. Rival of mother-in-law problems family harmony since ancient times, and daughter-in-law don't get along, directly affects the relationship.


when her in-laws which do not want to get hold of grandchildren, sons nag nag is inevitable. Lin Jun to eat in her mother-in-law, was one nagging mother-in-law, everything really is Lin Jun and his wife refused to have children. Push Lin Jun birth, she tried all kinds of tricks, even viewing Pack directly went to the Lin Jun to garrison, and Lin Jun dumbfounding.


as a husband, a son, Tang Peng are two coax, coax my wife, MOM, listen, coaxed mother assured MOM that quickly to have children.


comment: and her mother-in-law that something that big, said small small. The mother-in-law nagging is unavoidable, as a daughter-in-law, few nagging mother-in-law has to listen. But as a son, husband, played a big role, and must play the role as a bridge between the wife and mother, to coax both sides, maintaining the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

husband and wife rule 4 : mutual trust does not suspect   little three can't remove


trust is the most basic conditions of marital harmony. If like my husband did, since when love were inseparable, nothing also secretly turned wife, looking at his wife on the phone, made the find friends complain all day, it's no wonder that divorce after liberation. Huang Lei Tang Peng, played in the play because Lin Jun was given enough credit, even small head, marriage is still very happy.


Lin Jun and Tang Peng in a crisis of confidence because of distrust, the father-in-law of a strand of hair lost because, Lin Jun and Tang Peng at the break, despite how she explained, Tang Peng don't believe, the two men ended up on the cold war. Neither of them would take a step back.


comment: this relationship to be established on the basis of trust can be a long time, nothing to flip my husband phones, check my wife's whereabouts. Only to become suspicious and also let the other half bored, give each other some credit, marital happiness will increase.

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