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You get to know the man psychology

Men tend to think that cheating is cheating is not equal to:


always the definition of cheating and infidelity of men and women are different. Men who think cheating is not necessarily representative of infidelity. Based on this idea, men think that some harmless white lies are not very important


has had love experience of men are know: woman is cannot fail to cheat of, similar like: "I will forever love you", "I has been are will like now such pain you", "what when need I, a phone I on immediately came", "I yihou again also not like love you such to love addition a a people" this words is must to said but forever insisted can't of "cheat words", who let woman so love listening to does!


so don't ask him to never lie to you, women like to hear a lie, man is fond of saying, a wish make a wish to get it.

men are usually rational distinction between boundaries of girlfriends and wives:


men will be very rational choice of love, even if he is loving a person emotionally, but when he knew she was not a good wife he would abandon her and find a proper home life one.


many are immersed in the sweet woman in love, always urging her boyfriend marry men for various reasons to decline. This is not a man does not love you, but he might think you fit to be a girlfriend and not suitable for wife. There is too great a distance between girlfriends and wives. Men find love and marriage are two different things, and not like a woman, love hope to got married soon. When you find the right person for you is not the wife, man will not hesitate any more to the person looking for a wife.

men in love want to maintain and confidante interaction:


a lot of women will require men and other heterosexual or less is good, that men always find it difficult to resist the temptation of other specific, easy affair derailed. In fact, men and other women have normal relations.


men want women around him understand: to all places with a woman, it is a boring thing, so when you ask him to take you go to any occasion when he would reluctantly. Moderate men and other women dating is relief and relaxation, can have no other attempts. Men and women can become very good friends, must believe in your man.

men a place in my heart for old people:


everyone has a past, his ex-girlfriend by many women as a rival. Of course, men meet old people would misread signals, thought and feelings of the people, the heart will always save a copy of, fantasy woman will never love him love him. Women will beautify the eyes of men, men unconsciously, to beautify the past relationships. Men more likely than women to agree: break up or friends. Whether dumping or being jilt, most men are willing to continue to keep in touch with ex-girlfriends.


just because treat old people are not the same for men and women, so men can bury the past in the heart of Nice.

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