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Bridesmaid wedding guide manual

Bridesmaids, first select the unmarried women and their relationship more closely. Second to be more outgoing in personality, not get too self-conscious friend bridesmaid. Also, carefully consider bridesmaids factor.  

     maid of honor first choice of more closely with their unmarried women. Second to be more outgoing in personality, not get too self-conscious friend bridesmaid. Also, carefully consider bridesmaids factor. Bride and Maid of honor is due to the wedding day of endorsements, including greeting guests, helping the bride to help lifting-carrying belongings, even gifts, so find a maid talk is particularly important.

     have different criteria for selecting the bridesmaids in each area, Northern region in choosing bridesmaids, bridesmaids are the key conditions must not be married or engaged to Ms. This unlucky is the maid of honor husband or boyfriend. So that when we choose a bridesmaid, be sure to inquire about local customs, to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and misunderstanding.

first, bridesmaid dress:        

     wear black and white of attended (dress also not); beige although looks, but also as avoid, because I participate in of wedding in the see wear beige clothes of bridesmaid is is malaise (not know is really of too tired has), and bright of color especially yan pink can more foil out festive of atmosphere, ceremony Shi and white yarn is match, also has is: let new can from crowd in the a eye see you! (this in new toast Shi is important yo! ) 

Second, bridesmaid working hours:

    is generally one night before the wedding the bride's House with her preparation, until the end of the lunch the next day, about 20 hours or so. (Hehe, not something really hold down)  

three, bridesmaid workflow (the most important part)  

  1, on the Internet looking for bridesmaid work related considerations and wedding process, considerations, be aware of the process of wedding (unfortunately, too few resources to the bridesmaids, I was very impressed, so we gave birth to this article ... ... )

  2, met with the bride agreed time and place to stay, and hotel locations (finalized a week before marriage)

  3, timely reports to the bride's family, with the bride missing items (such as flower arrangement on the head), may be some decorations, can see the groom and best man best. Must pay attention to communicate at this time, the bride has been busy passing out, bridesmaid to be awake, ask the prepared ready not, cigarettes, candy, fake wine, toast sprinkled petals of ladies, some firecrackers of gentlemen, champagne, candle holders are not, audio tried not to preside over the contact did not ... ... Do not think that the couple will remember everything, think of their wedding as her, into the role from the beginning, after all, a successful wedding is something that everyone looks forward to. If there are conditions, some proposed new walkthrough in the field again, in their practice, followed by imagine, mind exercises.

  4, evening help the bride to wear a wedding dress, a dress bridesmaid is familiar with the process, and second, to find brides to find the feeling. Best to wear wedding dress underlay a cloth to prevent friction of the dress with static electricity attracts dust on the ground.

  5, monitor the bride drinking before bed, remind the bride to bed early. Before going to bed alarm on, stuff to use classifications place it in a visible place.

  6, the second morning, earlier than the bride, in front of her to wash. When washing in the bride, Maid of honor should hurry up herself (makeup artist bridesmaid makeup JM much easier, some brides to the Studio of bridesmaid will fit), not too thick, pit or something face acne cover on the line, false eyelashes, wigs can kiss it good-bye. Hair not specifically, I just randomly grabbed to solve the problem, because it is hot (and of course, little time). Follow the bride having a lot of breakfast (that's a-day ration! ) 

  7, and in bride makeup during, bridesmaid main task a is finishing himself of clothes and makeup capacity, II is check bride to with of items, as: capitatum, jewelry, whether are loaded good, most important of is convey and completed bride of the instruction, as: bride wants to water--pour; bride wants to someone--called; groom to phone--received; makeup Division busy not came--Shang...... In short, to "screw" spirit--where needed where.

  8, and groom jieqin Shi, resorted to stops block he (time allows can more bewilders about), asked of problem, mention of requirements more demanding more good, if with to of no elders, let groom find shoes to bride shoes don't less (a only on enough), because to bride shoes Shi, bride face Shang happiness of expression really of is moving (may life on this once).  

  9, next after the float, there will be many confetti sprinkled on the new body, time to clean up. Before the ceremony started, to check again the bride's makeup (makeup artist would facilitate matters). Timely delivery of required goods to bride dressing rooms. (Sometimes the bride's family)

  10, paper napkins, cosmetics, diamond ring into a small handbag in the belt, go to the bride's side prepare for admission.  

  11, admission to moderate that helped bring wedding bride, best wedding dresses and skirts from the lateral support with slightly higher, to prevent her trip. I is very low, without bending, tall JM takes a bit of sacrifice, bent under the high waist, even feel bad about themselves, to bride to be done (who also did not want the bride falls).  

after   12, sending the couple stood on the stage, always at disposal and groomsmen are automatically relegated to the wings (steal the limelight is not good, when green and not everyone can be natural, so rather than waiting). If the bride's tears, quickly handing paper towels, makeup.

  13, rituals complete, at top speed to the bride changed clothes, makeup, Pack classification (best family can help), can eat better. You will remind newbies and their trip to WC.

when   14, toast, best man serving drinks, bridesmaid end tobacco sugar. Remind the bride toast, when men smoke in case of female guests stripping sugar; red bridesmaid for safekeeping.

  15, retaining the wine up to the best man, and take advantage of the occasion of the Cup to change them quickly find acquaintances to your meal trays (must play well in advance to say hello, but also pay attention to eating). See what new eating inedible things, timely handed over a paper towel (can take steamed bread).  

  16 and patiently wait until the end of the party, and then tried to politely ask, "is there something to do? ", And then explain the bride's place, red envelope collection, surrender, smiling with new parents, to say goodbye. Leaving note inventory items, don't take something new, don't pull down your stuff.

   at this point, the maid do a good job, can go home and sound sleep (so tired you don't sleep will not work).


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