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With shot-the film the most beautiful wedding moments

Wedding shoot, most from fetching the bride make-up began, recording the taste of big day, photographer levels high. See Sun's wedding photos, did you see which photos the most brilliant of the moment and not to be missed?

Instant 1  bridal makeup to be photographed

most wedding photographers arrived half an hour before the arrival of the bride and groom to her parents ' home to 10 points at 9:30 A.M., and at this point, the makeup artist makeup has been completed, even though according to, nor is the real "face to the sky." This from a "semi-finished" to "finished" between processes, is a favorite photographer recorded.

at this time, the family will meet there are usually few relatives present, their mouth is: "Wow, your so big now! When I hugged you, you remember remember? "Bride" best friend, "composed of the bridesmaids, bride certainly was a yell," how beautiful you are! "" Wow, kill you! "At this moment, on the bride's face will be kind of shy, also with a spoiled brat in general very rich, photographers to capture enough.

Tips: this time, the bride should make as few answers the phone or cell phone to a bridesmaid is solely responsible for so they are busy or your head too much and affect the mood of the moment.

Instant 2  beautiful wedding shoes to take to

some items as wedding photos wedding day decorations, give newcomers as a souvenir. Typically, red Word, sons of barrels, married men and women to the baby and wedding is their subject. And following two more is not made shall not:

wedding shoes: every bride has a pair of new shoes on the wedding day by his mother hand-for, usually, the bride will choose red or Golden shoes to marry of shoes, even the usually wear high heels women, also on this day in a pair. Because of this ritual, symbolizing the girl into a woman's mood.

wedding rings: wedding rings taken will generally be in the bride's bouquet, but sometimes a wedding room inside knickknacks are particularly suitable for contrast ring, also was noticed by photographers.

Instant 3  wearing a wedding dress to be photographed

shoot the bride wearing a white dress, it is very popular, even belts, corsages, zipping the mannerisms that in the eyes of photographers is also beautiful and sexy. And sometimes, if captured mother helping daughter not a flower, is a tape of this detail, photos will be particularly attractive.

insider tips: irrespective of whether intentionally losing weight, seems to be the bride before marriage lost, so wedding wedding day must try again, to avoid temporary sewing that day, and not a scene.

Instant 4  my parents off to get

bride away, parents are always sent to the downstairs. Even while the wedding banquet will be met, but the parting scene, still moving. Typically, mother and daughter will have a big parting hug, and father is held to love on one side. Sometimes, fathers simply don't go downstairs and ask him, he'll say, "you go ahead, I am here to serve my guests! "But the fact that this is a deliberate, because he did not want to face that kind of scene. Daughter, most off the time to cry out, even if they do not cry, smile, aim for fear of parents looked sad. Wedding teacher will definitely capture the farewell scene, because there is no true feelings are more prone to make good films.

insider tips: at the moment, please release all your feelings, do not force to the camera, the real is one of the most beautiful.

photographed moments and her daughter 5  shoes

bride on the bus, my mother would put on a new pair of shoes for her, means that her new life. Typically, mothers squat body at that moment, daughters already, I couldn't help the tears. Mother and daughter no matter who was the first cry, the other will be unable to control.

Tips: in order to capture the scene shoes, photographers will advance care of mothers, raise hand, body, so as not to block the lens; while the bride to try to put my foot to the outside.

Instant 6  car interiors to be photographed

now wedding car making it more luxurious, but also making it more spacious. So the photographer after the couple gets into, for two people to make "sweet style photos". The day of the wedding, which two people can really private, does not appear in front of the crowd, and only this time. Therefore, a moment of joy show, often allows the photographer to capture the unexpected romantic scenes. Saying not everyone can drive a Lincoln, Cadillac went to work every day, so luxury car in the pictures is an essential moment.

Instant 7  new "twist style" to be photographed

compare home, new homes are generally neat and well arranged, so the wedding day "Interior photos here". From the time said that before 2 o'clock in the afternoon is plenty, enough new people and photographers to "toss". Usually in the new house "twist style", is divided into the following three categories:

window as the bride: usually in the bedroom, because of light and the shade, the photographer would choose a hazy shadow or silhouette photo shoot. One hand to show tenderness and purity of the bride,; this technique easy to make brides look beautiful on the other hand, shape and excellent. According to Ding Bo tour images, light is the best "body teachers".

new sweet photo: two of the world's sweet, romantic in the bridal chamber is essential, at this moment is "daxiuen love" good time to kiss and embrace, affectionate look or double silhouette is usually in bed and on the couch, and you I Lennon Lennon, ruckus is a different kind of style.

collective funny pictures: If you have a restless groomsmen, bridesmaids, so funny pictures will also be in new house was born. Usually, the photographer will "groom" them to do some "bullying" new actions, such as scratching the groom's hair, turn of the groom's ear or kiss the bride's face or something. A bit of special, will groom sitting alone, surrounded by all the female collective round him, left over right, this photo as "concubines as", so that temporary trance before the groom in the wedding, then he may have only one woman in the world!


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