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Wedding consumption to lose

Recent media survey results show: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and other major cities every couple wedding spending has more than 100,000 yuan, not only to the heavy economic burden on families, has also aroused the concern of the community.

wedding costs so high, weddings accounted for a significant proportion of the costs, there are two key factors: one is the essential and increasing wedding, chose the famous star hotel placed more than 10 tables, must spend at least tens of thousands of Yuan; second, shows style and dramatic wedding motorcade. Usually wedding convoy by luxury cars such as Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, denoted by number followed by make, model, color, exactly the same car following, is the scenery and decent. After the wedding to be prosperous on the surface, the huge economic burden for married households tend to be boring than joy.

gratifying is that many newcomers create wedding outdoor air. The couple, walk by the groom to the bride's family the same day, two men ride on a bicycle built for two brides got new homes. It is understood that the remuneration of men worked pretty good, the woman is a graduate student is studying for a master's degree in school. Both sides open support from parents, they chose a new way. Marriage is a beautiful Symphony in the voyage of life, wedding is the climax of the wonderful chapter. Key is not how much money, and its mean anything, can innovation.

purely financial point of view, luxury fleet with top model at the dinner were incompatible medium. Wedding is the main character himself, spending had personally. Even family and friends with the future sure will owe a debt of gratitude. If bold out of circles, select group wedding or other novel forms, such as tourism tied the wedding love lock, plant new trees for the benefit of future generations, the donor community school children not only to significant savings, the wedding has a bright. On the choice of the wedding should promote attitude is: optional ideal actions be rational consumer sense.


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