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Photo scale that bigger is better, or traditional

Nowadays, body art is no longer surprising, but naked wedding photos for us, is a new thing. Number after the "city people" refuse to thousands of people, breaking the traditional select "nude photo", challenge the body art. But because of the tradition of the older generation and domestic is no sound protection, nude photos as well as the new people a lot of trouble.

the trouble: a nude wedding is not accepted by their parents   refused to attend the wedding

1. "half-naked" wedding mother refused to go to her daughter's wedding

two months later, in a foreign company as General Manager Assistant Miss Wong is married, fiancé one graduate of Xiamen University, since last month, they began to shop for their wedding photos wedding photography. One day, Huang and her fiance to the Zhongshan Road, a wedding photo studio consultation, happened next to two girls talking about the nude photo.

"some nude photo shoot? "When from photographers that now has a number of modern youth to try bold ideas, has always considered himself to be avant-garde yellow found themselves behind. She cannot help but move, would negotiate with her fiance, also a "half-naked" wedding photos. Her initially reluctant, but fail to beat Huang importuning, finally agreed.

Xiao Huang is going to borrow "51" holidays to wedding photos, but a few days ago, at home chatting with close friend mentioned this idea, is overheard by her mother. The result, conservative mother scolding her for more than an hour, and the phrase "form," the stern warning that she "absolutely prohibited", otherwise it will not attend their wedding.

"in fact, I just want to retain fond memories of my youth, photo herself. "Yellow nude photos are not human photo, shoot that hazy sexy effect, just hope I can find the beauty of youth from another angle, regardless of the pure naked. Huang did not give up and is trying to persuade his mother, "but it seems hopeless."

2. the bride photographed "nude photo" Halo mother-in-law   wedding is blocked

pattern decoration company in Chongqing as a designer, Miss Liu graduated from the Sichuan Academy of fine arts, which belongs to the "boom" a "fan" of the fashion group. A month ago, she and her husband had to shoot a wedding, half of which photos belong to the "naked wedding photos": on the screen, she and her husband wearing only transparent tulle, or naked, only block private parts.

13th, her photos back to the family's home, enjoying the appreciation, by his mother-in-law. Her face dark down immediately, made it clear that these photos "public decency" and never appears at the wedding, including the VCR for the wedding, not to hang at home ... ... And daughter-in-law both arguing. Mother-in-law out words: if she must let the "naked wedding photos" people, then cancel the wedding, or his refusal to attend the wedding.

problem two: naked wedding photos who get into disputes after divorce

Zhejiang Haining 86 couple, packed in a register 6 months after a divorce. The judge eventually agreed by both parties under the mediation of the dissolution of the marriage. But when the woman drawn to draw down on its own man when the dowry before marriage, but this seems to have been properly resolving divorce disputes the parties of a tiny wedding photo CD Zhu Ling (not his real name) and her ex-husband Lu bin (not his real name) conflict, which fuse is for two people in a nude wedding photos taken before the marriage CD.

"we were feeling really good, and then took the wedding photos have been surrounded by friends, curious, feel excited, we want to be sure to take a witness to our love is strong, so I went to shoot. Did not think now is the most difficult thing between us. "Is hard but ling is to judge what is going on. "I asked if he wanted to, he refused to give me, because he had told me to spread to the network, and said to let me ruin, so I had to take. ”。 Ling is determined to get back at Lu bin there wedding photo CD, she feared that discs will become a tool of the future ex-husband get back at her, afraid to go out in case the photos can't see people in the future.

Meanwhile, Lu bin is adamant that her ex-husband cannot put the CD back to ling, CD back because he was afraid his reputation and privacy will also be Ling violations. "This photo has a copy of my Ah, why should she? I never gave her. "Lu bin is plenty of reason to believe they do not return the disc. Judges returned to the parties in the mediation, Lu bin end up making concessions, wedding photo CD back to Ling and deleted the file on your computer; Ling also said no leaked photos, leaving only gone against emotional memories. At this point, this hasty marriage completely come to an end.

the reality: "naked wedding photos" female preferred

it is understood that the "naked", the more people to shoot a photo, pictures of "nude photo" relatively few people. And interviewed almost all of the photographers said the shooting "nude photo", the woman wanted to take to create more, men do not want to, not that they can not accept their "off", but can not accept his wife in front of others, "Panorama". That are related with traditional national culture and consciousness. Taken from pure art, had their wedding photo shoot ideas is very normal, every man there is a "private pursuit", that is, want to put themselves in our daily lives cannot play and show the other side show.

analysis: most "bare" just for the record "good"

now there is shooting this wedding "avant garde". Online search for "naked wedding photos" can also find hundreds of pictures and Web pages. It is understood that the requirements take this bold, "" wedding photo, or photo of the people who has two more years, mainly college students and some of their earnings and relatively high cultural level of white-collar workers. A photographer said, now many young people see their wedding photos as just two things, so they want their wedding photos are more prominent than others. He learned that when you communicate with customers, most photo photo shoot, "naked wedding photos" of people, very often not only for beauty, mainly in order to keep the most beautiful moments before marriage, and even some in order to give more confidence about themselves in the future. For example, some girls worry about body fat after marriage, filming is to hold best fit into memory, the future "narcissistic" is a kind of aftertaste.

current wedding photo studio, photography and other creative studios professional photography organizations, will undertake alternative wedding photography business. Although most organizations do not deliberate propaganda, but for customer requirements in this regard will be taken according to the circumstances of such "out of place" photo. Studio officials said, usually took nude photos of guests must first be consultation and photographer, and "preparations". Most photographers, some guests wanted to shoot in filming psychological burden can occur when photographers need to help guide ideas, "let the guests slowly into the State."

private parts there

interviewed several of the photographer introduces personal photo or photo shoot when the wedding, what kind of way is generally based on customer requirements, but the photographer will give advice based on professional requirements. Even if the customer lacks the pursuit of artistic beauty, some photographers refused to "order". It is understood that their wedding photo shoot, most people simply select several scenes in the whole group of photos "naked", or shooting a separate booklet. Photos taken just for yourself to enjoy.


nude photo shoot at risk need to be cautious

for shooting nude photos, mixed people, says it is acceptable to the fashion personality, cannot accept people who think it is immoral. But in any case, people are more concerned about is that topless shoot how confidential and whether there will be similar to "pornographic" situation?

for their wedding photo shoot business, almost all studios have declared themselves to be in accordance with the "norm", after a photographer took the shot, passes all of these photos or negatives to the customer, or deleted or destroyed according to customer requirements, to protect consumers ' privacy rights and image rights while avoiding unnecessary trouble. Photographer says, it all depends on mutual trust.

"but it's ' rules ' is, after all, depends on the photographer's work ethic to sustain, so photos leaked thing is unavoidable. "But the truth is the photo you want to retain customers is a very easy thing, especially now that most Studio using digital cameras for filming, photos more easily than keeping the films you want to copy.

on this issue, Xiamen Fu Yongtao said a law firm, the absence of any legal provisions forbidding the wedding photo studio shooting nude pictures of the "exposure" there is no clear definition about the "scale" by photographers and photographers themselves. He suggested that intends to take nude photos of newly married couples, in front of the picture should co-operate with the relevant photographers and studios enter into a written agreement, privacy protection, and should bear the consequences of agreeing after default.

but the photographer believes that General photographic agency not to sign the agreement or this agreement may not be insured. He once met a guest in Shanghai, he put the camera on the spot after being recorded in a memory card photos compressed and encrypted by the guests themselves, and let guests take and remove film in front of guests, but in the end I still have photos leaked, and can't tell what.

Department of sociology, University of Mr Zhu believes that shooting another wedding couple, must be careful, even shot nude photos, or "bare", such as add some tulle Dim props, decorations, etc. In addition, if shooting nude photos of couples divorced in the future, couples if not dealt with such photographs are likely to hurt each other.

other lawyers suggested that shooting nude photos to formal and reputable Studio shoot as much as possible. In addition, given between husband and wife for any reason without authorization uses, leaked photos of the situation often occurs, it is recommended that couples photos copyright responsibility, storage, use, disclosure and other conventions.

all in all, nude wedding is risky, intention to have new people to be wary of.


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