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Teach you how to shine on your wedding day and moving

Grand wedding has ended when we only use photos to remain the most beautiful moments in your life. So, in your wedding photography makeup to make yourself not only satisfied, feast for relatives and friends, must for the sake of the camera, because its interpretation of beauty as well as your eyes.

1, through the deepening shadows manufacture of face contour

stereo image different from what our eyes see, the camera can only generate plane images, so it is easy to exaggerate some of the facial defects. Like face will appear larger, small eyes look smaller. That small or dark eyes because your smile into a crack in the photo.

in addition to professional models, very few people will be lucky to born a chiseled face. Coupled with the opportunities people face more flattened, professional makeup artists knows, the focus of their work is based on the precise application of a variety of colors, beautiful highlights facial contours.

that's why cosmetics counter there was such a wide variety of brushes, pens and all kinds of powder shadows. Subtle use of these tools, you can create big eyes, high cheekbones, straight jaws and shapely mouth.

2, perfect concealer, banning all its small splash

film feel for color and eye are very different. It is very sensitive to red and blue. Therefore, in the picture, any red spots are very obvious. Films often strengthen the red spots on the skin, ruddy face is more prominent, and bags under the eyes can become apparent.

makeup artist and photographer cover recommended that brides use creams and makeup to cover up skin pigmentation. The opaque Foundation evenly, can make perfect skin effect. Powder is essential, must be fixed by it Foundation, and stop the sweat. Be careful, sweat might reflect Flash, and formation of black spots in the photo.

3, make-up and lighting combined with

If you discuss wedding photography and professional makeup artist makeup for the day, he must be the first consideration when shooting the spot light.

natural light:

is sunshine, is the purest and most all light rough. Correspondingly, the bride's makeup should be very soft, select a lighter color to try to look natural. Dark and bright colors are not wise choices, they will only make you look older.


is the light of our House or shopping malls are usually used. The cold light is green for the tone, so makeup should choose warm colors, especially the color of eye shadow and lipstick.

hot white light:

This is a common light restaurant or hotel lobby. This light is a little dark, soft and Red motif. Therefore, the bride should choose a bright rich colors to play a prominent role.


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