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Relaxed to create the perfect wedding

The perfect wedding should always pay attention to what place? couples you how this can be holy, perfect, all come to celebrate friends can experience the happiness of your thick, can feel endless gratitude to them to?

1. relaxing mood

do not habitually nervous, don't worry there are those which have yet to perfect, everything was perfect. Prospective new members now stop worrying about wedding planning things, all the nitty-gritty details are not so important, and safely handed over to someone else to do it. Relax and live your happiness of the bride and groom. Even if some small portion of the wedding episode, don't let it easily affects your mood and status. A perfect wedding requires you to put love, vows if touched. Well with the people you love to smile, happy for a new life.

2. Add enough nutrition

day of the wedding for the bride and groom are very busy. New people the first thing to do is eat a nutritious breakfast, guarantees plenty of strength. Wedding day, newcomers from on-site wedding dress to the day to meet her in-laws, entertained guests as little as five or six hours, more than ten hours. In a busy day, new people are full most of the time radiant energy in the face of everyone. It deeply tested new energy plus busy couples rarely have the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the best dishes on the wedding. So newcomers can sit down or have a chance to be alone and don't give up. Even toasting batch, or you can retreat to the dressing room to drink a glass of water, eat a couple of prepared Dim sum, adding certain nutrients, take  10 minutes to recharge physical and ...

3. smile people care for each other

new people just remember, always put the smile on your face. Fret not as tense and stiff expression and even appearance. Keep smiling, tried to smile, happy face everyone, happy to enjoy this wonderful moment. Don't hurry and left out the side of the pleasantries lover, this wedding yours, always observing the State of love, your sweet, infected everyone.

  4. revere the elders courtesy toast

   in elder comes into play quickly stepped forward to, take a few minutes to communicate with elders, wedding toasting process, show respect for elders, don't rush into toast. At a time when they cut out early, interrupting the events you are toast, personally sent them out of the Ballroom. For each table, the guests showed their manners, light touch, in association with other peers and friends toasted when greeting, to the allocation of time and rhythm master. Neither fleeting like a perfunctory and don't do too much travel. At wedding receptions wedding table number is particularly important.

5 beautiful memories   happy ending

appreciate every moment, every wedding process, to deeply reflect the brain, quietly taste everything around you. After the invasion, when, in a new House only the bride and groom, this day has finally come to an end. Mutual concern for loved ones and let this sweet love to greet the arrival of a new life.


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