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Marriage custom of the Zhuang nationality across the street looking for lover

Zhuang people declare their young men and women by means of a thrown ball, playing trough and the song.   When thrown hydrangea Wei Zhuang song, girls portable colorful flower, hydrangea, neatly lined up to sing folk songs, if you see kind of guy, then put the ball behind him. Guy took the ball, if satisfied with the girl, gift wrapped in small ball thrown back to the woman, love began.  

trough General during the Chinese new year, initially by young women to stick to playing slots, hitting a variety of voices, all joy to my heart. And then by the number of women to drive a wooden stick after singing folk songs, then we have a lot of young men carrying sticks, run to the trough edge to knock together, each knocking people sing folk songs, expression of love between men and women.

in jingxi areas in Yunnan, a kind of "across the street" love custom. Every fair day, young men and women came to the street early in the morning, men stood aside, female side, only a few paces apart, looked at each other. Station all the way to the Sun. Parties flirt, if interested, would signal each other to leave you. In the process, the two sides exchanged views of the companions in camp, staff, very interesting.

like cotton in Guangxi Zhuang people of the mountain "March" had a particularly interesting in "touch the egg" campaign. The night before, specially prepared more than 10 young people hard-boiled eggs dyed red, extremely busy. At the beginning of the game, both men and women each holding an egg, stand, and then hold the eggs to touch each other. If the rupture of red eggs at the same time, are considered two of destiny, fate, and eggs eaten by giving. If just eggs burst, said the two sides have no fate but they will eat eggs.

some Zhuang nationality region, after the marriage, the woman falls to her husband's customary marriage was held at the groom's House on the day of the wedding, and at night in the family the same day, but the next day she returns home to live. , Only to harvest or the husband working or living for only a few days during the holiday season. So after two or three years, can only be to her husband's family lived for a long time. In addition, the Zhuang nationality and "attracting" the custom, he replaced the man to the woman's surname, children from the mother's surname, and can inherit all of her mother's property.


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