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Strange wedding customs: want to get married, smoking

The old saying goes, marriage, women. Marriage is a life event, since ancient times, the peoples of all countries there are some traditional customs. In Cambodia, rural women are generally at the age of 66, men are around 20 is going to marry, their marriage customs are also very unique – many countries have anti-smoking action today, but Cambodian girls must learn to smoke.   Cambodia: girls before marriage to be smoking   smoking monks crazy  

     marriageable girls in "confine" (wedding, wedding, wedding planning, marriage nets)

     Cambodia's total population is about more than 10 million, mainly in Khmer. Mature men and women in the country earlier, early and popular, otherwise they will be despised by the secular and traditional customs constraints on women is very strict. Girls to the age of marriage, the parents would have put her in a room, monks chanting blessings to date to go out, this period is called "cover date", eat, sleep and bathe only in his room and can't see any man, even the fathers and brothers are no exception.

     (wedding, wedding, wedding planning, marriage nets)

     the length of the cover date varies according to the levels of household wealth, can be up to 3 months, 6 months or a year. Cover date before the end of married parents will not allow her daughter to find objects, and daughter cannot eat meat and fish, or misfortune. (Wedding, wedding, wedding planning, marriage nets)

     Cambodian people's attitude towards marriage and practices are traditional, as usually is the parent of both. To the age of marriage, the parents of the young men will try to understand the girl's own birth horoscope and want to please people both birth horoscope are good value, fit will hold a matchmaker to the bride's House to marry him. But this time, the woman's parents are actively investigating the groom, after carefully weighing and careful consideration can be agreed qinshi. After the woman's consent, the man according to the financial situation of their families, by male relatives of women March home sent her dowry.   (Wedding, wedding, wedding planning, marriage nets)

     bride price according to size into small ritual, ceremony, gifts, clothes, gold and silver jewelry, vegetables, fruits, chicken, duck, fish, meat, wine, etc. Once the dowry was home to accept, are engaged. Due to the constraints of the traditional, men and women still don't know the situation after the engagement.


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