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Thailand – trees wedding weddings

Thailand people are Buddhist, Buddhism is the State religion. Each of the men of a certain age, to become a monk, at least three months, more than 35 years, even a lifetime, and even the King is no exception. If a man hadn't been a monk, it cannot be considered, not only relatives and friends looked down on, it is difficult to even find a girlfriend. Buddhism in Thailand have much of an impact. This Buddhist ritual performances even during the wedding ceremony.  

Thailand – with the tree's wedding

in Thailand some places in the South, some people can often be seen banging away around a tree, song and dance, turned out to be local men with the tree's wedding ceremony. Don't look at marriage was not talking trees, but the ceremony is as Grand as the real marriage ceremony between men and women busy.

marry with the tree, the man sent dower served in a silver bowl, known as the "shrine Mary flower" or "shrine-Ma cuisine". Niche Mary flower is usually 25 betel nuts, niche m dishes are much more popular snacks, candies and candles and pillows, mats, etc.

before the ceremony began, the groom dressed in a gorgeous dress, men dressed girl surrounded by, by channeling a long drum, parade moved into the village before elders selected in the tree. Girls to display the bride price in   "bride's tree", the elders announced the commencement of the wedding. At this time, the groom will come up with a dozen candles, lit one by one, one by one in a shrine next to Mary, and then listening to elders recite the relevant sections of the text. Then, the groom's father put some flowers, betel nut and silver in Mary the shrine of the pillow, the eldest wife of the village representatives "bride's tree" to accept gifts, candle goes out, the wedding ceremony is over. People begin to bless the bride and a meal, then sing and dance together, until the evening.

according to the local custom, who have reached the age of 21 years old man tree has to hold a marriage ceremony. After the ceremony is complete, will become a monk until after you return to the same woman in love get married, start a family. In local tradition, tree has strong vitality, marriage to trees, could be the Buddha's blessing, obtain loyalty to love and build a happy family.


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