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France--legend of the egg's wedding

Every country has its customs practices, let us take a look at wedding fashion around the world, countries customs strange funny, makes you feel after seeing wedding etiquette States unthinkable?  

France--the egg legend

in France a number of such traditions in rural areas: girls on our wedding day, to secretly take some eggs hidden in underwear. When you accompany the bride and groom enter the bridal chamber, the bride fall intentionally, and broke the eggs, which can bear children.

white white marriage is romantic France wedding color, whether it be arranged flowers, also the bride's dress, and even the layout of all decorations, are white,  

we can see that marriage should be pure in the eyes of the French. Wedding, brides will be ready to be known as "Weddingarmosre" the dowry of the Cabinet, cabinets carved with patterns of fine handmade, a symbol of health and prosperity, is to have "box of hope" reputation and cups also have specific names for new talent, named "Coupdemarriage" which means "wedding Cup"


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