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Marriage customs in Qinghai Province: Club and bridegroom needle bride

Wedding in Qinghai people, what kind of owner on what food? how serving the order? chopsticks a few double? how? how seating arrangement? ... ... And so on a series of highly sophisticated.



in Qinghai, Xining nearby Han Chinese wedding, combines many Han accompaniment and in the field of traditional Tibetan, Mongolian, Hui, TU and other habits of marriage customs of ethnic minorities, the entire wedding from the pursuit of media, at the end of match ... ... Similarly, recognize there are dozens of orders to go. Among them, greeting them at the family's home is the most bustling series after order. 2011 Chinese new year, me and a few friends when guanghui Temple hung prayer flags, met the situation, because of potential suddenly, prepared not plentiful, so there is no record of doing more. The following graphic, fragmented to present you several fragments.  

weddings due to entertain a lot, Qinghai people used to build a simple sink temporarily to make tea or Cook meat, and have someone to look after. General host more people can sink up to ten meters.

currently there are sink

This is Qinghai people take wine habits, toasting must be hand held a little dish, outside 4-8 a small glass to toast masters. Drinkers must like ethnic minorities, first with your fingers touch the first two cups may be a tray of wine into the air three times, to worship Heaven (is also said to Buddha) and then hands each holding a cup and drink. Before also have plenty to drink, the first two glasses of wine to the dish in a little point, as King of heaven and Earth, and then hands each holding a glass of wine.


weddings in Qinghai and other official banquets, served as waiters were friends and relatives may be the next-door neighbor, they served in a wooden tray to host, dishes, cutlery and other display a degree of research and said.

wooden tray

the Treasurer General of the wedding is a respected figure in the village records.


in Qinghai province, particularly in the countryside, brick, rock candy is weddings, houses, worship the Buddha and so on all kinds of essential long, never out of things.

in Qinghai's feast, banquet table above and Kang will always be younger and noble master. The wedding, which is specially designed for family stay.

seats above and Kang table

This is necessary on family first dish called "holistic", is in practice a salad platter. Outside is a shredded salad, outside the liver, ham, fat meat, dry beans and other conceals, surrounding Orange, cherry, parsley and decorate. This dish means diversity of things later in life, but no matter what kind, we are family, anything to complete happy family-oriented.


family leave home first thing called "needle". First views, care of husband's family, after the husband's family, please take care of her daughter and secondly, in front of you relatives and friends to show her dowry, while showing off her daughter's sewing.

lift sewing

"needle" is first to carry wedding banquet chef (normal is the official self-taught chef, they do not take this as only weddings and banquets up to show). Pinned to the chef (satin quilt cover), and toast, and finally offer the bride's needlework (formerly ordinary bride Embroidered Pillow pillow covers, many girls today is going to embroider, so much is purchased. ) The aim of this very complex, is to disciple the taste of food, family and the family's home in front of family and friends face.  

"sewing" a second, thanks to this marriage matchmaker matchmaking. In fact, in Qinghai's wedding, matchmakers are still plays a very important role, even if you are free love, but required at the wedding to please a man of order one. Sometimes media public, represent the two.  

after thanked matchmaker, in accordance with the size of the husband's family context, then down to seven big eight toast aunt, needlework. When in-laws time, neighbours, relatives and friends will prepare in advance some props, of course, vegetable oil + bottom ash. At toasting time to give them a certain testiness to her in-laws, and some are even tied to a post on her, so wash your feet with ice water to the House of the bride. This way is a bustling, second is to give her a run-Wei, later to be nice to her daughter-in-law.

lift sewing

her hat on the "old ox horn," a mean mother-in-law groups tempered cows, but eat also next day crossed cattle.


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