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Morocco wedding bride and groom Mart to pick

In Morocco's High Atlas mountains, inhabited by an ancient Berber tribe. In Berber life, there is a village called aimoqier, where organizers called on an annual   "  bride Bazaar  "   marriage. Ethnic Berber girl 12 years old, you can participate in such a marriage, if a girl can at the wedding city attracted the eyes of a male suitor, parental consent, they can begin the long love's day.  

under Morocco law, girls younger than 16 years are not married, but many Berbers were trying to maintain their marriage, their daughter was always premature to "  fair  " greeted the young men on the selection. For widows and divorced women, aimoqier is a wedding in the village of city can once again put their "for sale" to the open market for a sweetheart, because life parenting experience, relatively speaking, easier marriage.

in front of a Berber woman married, mother to the juice of henna painting on her legs, it is a necessary ritual. Berber people believe that when you do, you can drive away all the evil demons and ghosts.

      before the married girl he was sent away, mother to daughter's knee last long kiss. After the ceremony is complete, and daughter needed to be alone for a while, and then rode a Mule (it's a is not considered "gender" animals), to her husband's House.

a female relatives to accompany her family to go to there, female relatives of the responsibility to carry the bride to her marriage bed, the bride's feet cannot touch the ground, otherwise monsters will enter her body.

Berber in marriage, husband plays the leading role, he is the master of his wife.

the bride came, singing and dancing after the wedding, on their wedding night, the husband swore to God always protect his wife.

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