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Preparations for the three magic weapons of perfect wedding

Preparations for the perfect wedding   three forms can not be ignored

1, the wedding day schedule

for about ten days in advance the development schedule for the day, including driving directions, results of the timing and the specific person responsible. Or friends, or professional wedding company members perform their respective duties, not The One With All The Haste and avoid driving in the back, street problems. With this program, each participating operator automatically in position to complete their tasks.

       2, contact table

wedding day in case of any problems, you must immediately contact the people concerned when, there is a complete list of officers is that   is a wonderful stroke of luck. From all the wedding arranged by the service contractor, Member of the wedding host, DJ, staff must, in order to facilitate contact.

      3, wedding seating arrangements

guest seating list hired the two ways of preparing a: one is to table number sequence, what are guests at each table, and dark note what is the woman's friends and relatives, which relatives and friends are men; second, the last name phonetic order, arranges all guests names from a to z , on the edge of each table number indicated. The benefit of this is that guests can quickly find themselves under any one form of seat, no play on the welcome, save time, provide a guarantee for the wedding on time.

wedding "check table", has a very important preparation is organized during the wedding, be sure to carefully finalizing the guest's number, research the type of guests, arrange each guest's seat, you can estimate the number of guests and the arrangement of seats.

elders: mainly parents and their relatives and friends and colleagues. Both parents as well as marriage, wedding, arranged in the main table. Previous table near the main table should be both parents, friends, colleagues and relatives.

colleagues and friends: should arrange such guests in the Ballroom in the Middle, will be familiar with and understand as much as possible in a table, if you are not familiar, it is best to have a familiar harmonic atmosphere.

students: such guests are generally new people's longtime friend and Sidekick, General arrangements for the final table in the banquet area, let them enjoy it.


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