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Smart bride wedding smart money

Prices from thousands of wedding ring to tens of thousands of Yuan, which mainly related to Diamond's appearance and workmanship. To save money, loose diamonds are much cheaper than the product ring, collecting value is better than the finished product. In addition, married couples choose rings are relatively cheaper, without compromising commemorative significance.  

wedding photos

a set of wedding photos, more than seven thousand or eight thousand, at least three thousand or four thousand, usually in 4000-5000 is normal. At the time of their wedding photos to save unexpected spending, you can bring your own wedding and wedding accessories, bring your own bottle, nipple ... ... "accident" factors tend to increase the cost of three thousand or four thousand Yuan, and this rule be reduced to less than 500 Yuan.

bride makeup

bridal beauty market is around 3000. In order to save money, the bride can apply for membership in advance, which can offer a lot. In addition, a few months before the wedding to do primary care, often doing the mask, which provides wedding beauty with great convenience, effectively saving money.

selection of formal wedding company

wedding prices from thousands of million or even tens of thousands of Yuan, new General just select medium wedding company on the line. New in order to save money, free hotel wedding, buying all kinds of wedding products, price offers many.

wedding save money

grades generally consists of normal social circle of the wedding, guests to determine the specifications, little room for changes. Just think people choose a grade Hotel specifications, wedding grade low face with no light, too much is not good. Because guests ' gift will be fixed at a certain amount, so this will generally break even and pay will not be too much. Note that hotel discounts, interest offers may bring unexpected benefits to your wedding.


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