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51 brides available in Golden Week "the body"

A triple-spring, mm full gauge how "April is not sad, sad May not", but didn't want to distance the labour day with 1 month's time, Golden Week over the years has gradually become a fair "wedding week", the prospective bride is ready to be married, the whole "body" out? Customized for brides 30th quick weight-loss plan and let the sexy you greet the arrival of happiness.  


first week: colon.

breakfast: before breakfast on an empty stomach to drink a cup of honey and water. Grill 2 slices whole wheat toast (with jam) and a glass of fresh milk, a piece of fruit

lunch: don't eat too much fat, it is recommended that bring their own lunch, eat a banana before meals. Meals: a Poached Chicken breast, leek and run eggs, Baked cod, poached shrimp, corn soup, rice is half the usual amount. After dinner drinks one cup of yogurt. Noon to eat a nice meal at night not because of hungry and desperate.

dinner: at night, eat some fruit or vegetables boiled in water, is one of the most difficult weeks for colon, smooth the small belly protruding. Black list of fruit: watermelon, mango, and avocado.

week two: conditioning day.

after a week of adjustment, touch the belly, and is a lot smaller then? Lifestyle is also very important, staying up late can cause edema, skin dull, and so on. So this week both nutrition and slimming diet.

breakfast: before breakfast on an empty stomach to drink a cup of honey and water. Bake 1 piece whole wheat toast and a bowl of millet gruel, a cup of nonfat yogurt, a fruit

lunch: eat some collagen and anti-oxidant food. Before dinner you can eat a banana. Diets: boiled pork/chicken feet, garlic broccoli, a seaweed soup, scrambled egg with bitter gourd. Drink plenty of green tea.

dinner: fast in the evening, resolutely put an end to late-night snacks can only have 1 serving of fruit. 1 hour before going to bed, drink a glass of warm milk, you can add honey to help sleep.

week three: consolidation.

half a month later, brides are not cheering your progress? We still have half a month, in order to make him the most beautiful bride will enter the Devil's purgatory, prepared well.

breakfast: drink a cup of honey and water. An oatmeal (with milk), a piece of fruit.

lunch: increase the protein content of the food. Meals: a steamed egg, crab roe and tofu, scrambled eggs with cucumber, fermented bean curd water spinach, a chicken/duck breast meat, rice and sweet potatoes, cooked food, sweet and healthy. Afternoon to drink some tea, tea or oolong tea, oil, and so on.

dinner: after you get used to fasting at night, fruit meal at night is especially important, suggests eating more fruit, drink a glass of warm milk before bed, add a small amount of honey.

fourth week: Sprint days.

a week before the wedding, put the hard work is about to become immortal.

breakfast: Pearl barley porridge/mung bean porridge, fruit and a cup of nonfat yogurt.

lunch: meals lunch: salad. Yes, having a salad, do not think that a simple salad is easy to make, do not use high heat and no mayonnaise nutrition when seasoning. Xiao bian recommended: tuna/tuna fish, two fish taste good, often took the salad ingredients with lettuce, purple cabbage, corn, carrots, topped with a little vinegar or seasoned olive oil.

dinner: fruit meal in the end. For lunch, and always going hungry at night, so the fruit can be appropriate to eat a banana or cherry tomatoes.


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