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Wedding decoration collection

Wedding venue is new to entertain family and friends, providing them oath have found lives in the other half of the sacred site. But now the era of Lele, who wouldn't want their guests are satisfied about? Wedding venues in realistic conditions can be described as strange, but no one is perfect, so that when we face a different venue problems, how to deal with it? Venue decoration of the golden rule hammer these venue decoration of incurable diseases, make your wedding more brilliant!

law 1: the venue is small, less decorative, space

① small pre-function area strategies

pre-function area to ensure smooth registration order, if the space is small, emphasized the reception table arrangement elsewhere should not be too much decoration; if the sign is placed, and can be considered as walk of Fame, enhance the guest's participation. In addition, photographed near the venue could also be used in other regions.

② small banqueting hall countermeasures

banquet hall if it was not, must pay attention to when considering tables and chairs and set the stage, not too large and takes up more stage space, design of the main table is not too complicated, simple refined; venue table flower design is not easy to complex color selection not boring, in a fresh light.

rule 2: high and low, decorative short, simple

① desktop decoration simple dominated

If the height is low, you select decorations small decorative objects, mainly to clean, not too complicated and exaggerated; minimalist-oriented desktop layout, table flowers should choose low-table flowers, modelling succinct exquisite, color is dominated by light, try to avoid spending too high too, give the feeling of thick.

II background the stage not too high

because of the low floor, so unfit for the stage background is too high, you can increase its width and increase the percentage of background material and the size of the element to highlight its layers, to avoid monotony of the background of the stage, is more rich, appealing eyes and ignoring the story flaws.

rule 3: dark, add lighting, display lighting

① use values

when the Hall light is not bright enough, you can select additional lighting and, of course, can use values, emphasizing the lighting effects, make sense of romantic Dim lighting sets off the venue, but it is worth noting that is adjustable lighting needs, different wedding links to lighting requirements.

② increasing supplementary lighting

If Hall light is limited, consider strengthening the supplementary lighting, increased light, such as mobile, such as lighting, stage lights, you can make the venue becoming brighter. In addition, chasing lights is another effective way to adjust the light, not only to increase the light, is able to attract guests of sight.

rule 4: columns, decorative, ingenious avoidance

① use columns and decorations

If more columns within the venue, consider using fabric, flowers, lights, Garland and other added decorations on the column, can not only enhance the sense of decoration of the venue, but also reduce the sense of column block. In addition, some theme weddings can be arranged according to the theme column, like movie theme wedding, you can labelled on column movie poster.

Second, the attention placed on the projector

because the column, so will block the part of the guest's attention, leaving them unable to complete and easily to watch the wedding process, so it should be cleverly placed video projection position, make the invisible guests can synchronously receive a wedding live to the stage, which also reflects the couple's carefully arranged.


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