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"Short films"-style wedding photography quietly popular

Spring is getting stronger, new people have also begun before marriage a big deal--for their wedding photos. This reporter has learned, prepared to marry $literal, after the urban couples are looking for stylish wedding photos, graphic photos have been unable to meet demand, came into being "short films" appear in the wedding photography industry in our city, highly sought after fashion group.


a few days ago, journalists in many wedding photo studio learned that 80, after the has become the main market, "random, individual and unique" is the first of many new people into the Studio requirements. Within the four-store manager in a Studio near the Plaza told reporters, today's newcomers are no longer satisfied with graphic photos, but a "City", hoping to use images record the couple in their wedding photos in the process of or bicker or sweet or naughty tidbits, amounts to Telefilm, records the couple "dressed up" love film staged.


the interview, taken journalists encounter ready to make an appointment "short films" newcomers. Miss bride-to-be white told reporters, because the photos show only one moment, and flat things without language and action. "I have an old Convention and, in the event of a fight when out of this micro-film, see our original sweet and affectionate, recall also will be of particular interest. In addition, if friends and family are able to share with us on the wedding day, will also feel the happiness. "When staff members for this new show samples, reporters saw a trailer, new sweet soulful looks and feels very warm. "Of course, there will be new opinions arguing at shooting time. We can also record all this, because it seems to some new people, fighting is a way of communication. Everyone has their own understanding of love. "The staff member added.


"short films" individual wedding photo studio-wedding photography in my city technology has matured. Because this kind of dynamic wedding professional team is required to make, so many more than normal, flat wedding costs. According to the Studio staff, take a photo common thousands of Yuan, but "short films" costs are high, so the new multiple choice now is the time for the two runs of "short films" accepted more than more than 3,000 yuan price is not too strenuous. And filming "short films" branch of the team not every city has, only set at the headquarters in Shenyang, wanted to shoot the couple make an appointment ahead of time as possible.


Xinhua also learned, not only has the "move up" wedding, Studio, I also launched a photo "overseas". In recent years, with the rise of outbound tourism, more and more couples are choosing to honeymoon, savvy business owners aware of this market and launch the "overseas wedding photography base." New people can choose from a local Studio, enjoy the overseas shooting style, in later work such as production and sampling can be found in local consultations, convenient communication ensures the after-sale and so on.


it is understood that currently Anshan Studio have opened Japan Okinawa, Maldives, Korea Jeju Island "shot overseas bases." According to Studio heads introduced the so-called "shot overseas bases" permanent presence on the ground is a photographic team, specializing in domestic new work on the ground. Official also introduced the wedding photos were better economic conditions outside the couple's favor. Wedding photos while traveling, you can feel the exotic, but also the most beautiful memories, this is the new people's common wishes, pure shooting overseas are generally in the twenty thousand or thirty thousand Yuan.


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