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Finished the wedding the couple split back how much writing

People miss is very disturbing: shoot photos soon, she and boyfriend's marriage fell apart. For how much the return fees, do you want to take payments, Zhang and the Studio was not pleasant. Yesterday, in the clock tower Association under the mediation of the South Street branch, Zhang got 6000 Yuan.


late last year, Zhang Nan da Jie booked a 9999 wedding set a Photo Studio, 8000 Yuan deposit. In February this year, Zhang took a photo with her boyfriend. Not long after, two busy noise for trifles, marriage also fell through. Undertaken by the Studio not post-production, Zhang told the changes, called for an end to the production, returning part of the costs. Studio says, since a default, in accordance with the relevant provisions, your deposit can not return of the deposit. Total deposit amount to be received by the main contract amount of 20%, that is, they can charge 2000 Yuan for breach of contract. Plus 2000 up-front fee, and can return no more than 4000 Yuan.


"photos to spend much money? Liquidated damages should not charge so much. "Zhang then complained to the Association.


staff survey of consumers ' Association found that the parties had not signed the contract, did not make any deal on cost components. Cannot determine whether the upfront cost the Studio claims is too high. However, due to defaults are not consumers ' subjective intention, common sense, studios should not be charged for breach of contract. Eventually, the Studio returned to 6000 Yuan.


Association officials said most wedding photography disputes are caused by the lack of details of the agreement stipulated in the contract. Consumer at the time of signing the contract, in addition to service projects, the amount of stated, but also for the whole shooting process, and post-production costs are agreed in writing in detail.  


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