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Wedding Hotel Hangzhou off-season prices table offers thousands of

See will usher in April of "golden wedding season", City star hotel has started 6-August summer wedding marketing campaigns to play "cheap" brand, some even cheaper to 1000-1500 Yuan/table. For many people, this, quite attractive. But want to have a perfect wedding in the summer, new people need to spend some time and effort.


Miss bride-to-be floor repeatedly complained in recent days "is too slow." Miss Lou said, wants to get married in the season into their favorite hotel, hotel has a full order form from the current view, no mean feat. "Site founder, high satisfaction with the popular hotels were booked by Rob. Rather than wait for other new chargeback, may wish to consider the summer weddings. "In the view of Miss Lou, is the price of the wedding in the summer" low "light wedding expenses can save 1/3. And, during that time idle more hotel sites, new choices is also wider.


Although price favorably, but considerations get married in the summer, with most of the trouble "hot" associated words, some will let the couple more thought. This way, some of the people had their doubts, showing some concern. "Bride ' wrapped ' with heavy of dress, and wedding, a out location, if heatstroke on trouble has", and "flowers decorative in Sun under a Sun on yan has, estimated are support not to dinner time", and "also has, to guests of chocolate candy do don't heating has", and "If didn't spaces can't stopped in cool at, married car are Sun ' hot ' has, how sat have live Ah......" Forum Shang, has users Bork to discussion with.


but there are also newcomers expressed optimism, hotel air conditioners have a foot in the summer, indoor wedding should also not be a problem. As the "ordinary" users Miss ye admitted that "it will have some trouble. "She said, are particularly worried about the days hot perishable food if spoiled food on the table, the consequences would be unthinkable, so you must choose the quality guaranteed by hotels or restaurants. "Can't walk before, staying in an air-conditioned room. But no steps out of the hotel lobby, the groom ' disappointing ' wet shirt back, get guys running around in circles. ”


ye suggested that new people get ready reserve dress, brides have from time to time to take into account your own makeup, and some summer supplies may also wish to bring.


with March-May and September-November wedding "on both sides of the heat" compared to 6-August is getting married off-season. A wedding photography studio in Hangzhou's official Wang said that so far, compared with October orders for at least seventy or eighty, they got married in June to order only 10 or so. "But the majority of wedding agencies are not willing to ' summer ', willing to risk the heat business. "Mr King revealed that compared to previous years, this year will be better, because the old story, the leap month very particular couple would prefer to get married in June.


recently, the four points by Sheraton hotels advertise Long Xi said, "if signed the wedding contract in June-August, offers upgrades to full 8 table to table, fling wine drink. "Not only that, the star hotel La also said that from June 15 – September 8, its wedding price temporarily adjusted to 3388/table. Featured time 4988 Yuan/table in it than the rest of the initial price, cheap 32%. A rough count, if the couple wedding 30 table roughly 48,000 yuan can be saved.


Similarly, the Radisson Plaza Hotel, "summer" from June 10 to start. "June 10 to September 7 this time weddings, wedding banquet price is 3588/table, the price was reasonable. "Radisson Plaza Hotel Lao Xiaojie, head said, the market acceptance of higher-than-expected. "In a promotional activity, the day they have received 10 orders for summer weddings. "Even if the" starting price "so seductive, but some hotels revealed that, compared with last year has risen by 300 yuan/table.


"possibly because the main marriage group focused on '80 ', they compared themselves, open, receptive. For summer wedding is not exclusive. "Miss Lo said. In addition, many couples are also "betting on" the weather this year. "Especially in early June and early September, two time, quite popular. Some customers said, had better luck, early summer, early autumn stage, and may speak not too hot temperatures. ”


it is understood that the "daylight saving", the city hotel prices cheap wedding 1000-1500 Yuan/table. Said Cai Yaqun, Ramada Plaza Hangzhou, recently began to receive some "summer orders", starts at 3288/table. "Don't look at price as usual, but a lot of matching or complimentary services are value-added. For example, the marriage room of the standard, free use of vehicles, wine gifts and other items. ”


Xinhua learned from the part of the hotel, "starting price" wedding gift that corresponds to the service, the content provided to the hotel at that time shall prevail.


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