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Changchun wedding planning tailored services to emerging markets into the season

May is the peak of the wedding of the year, coming in April, Changchun City, is the wedding planner and the hotel's busiest periods. 26th, reporters by visiting the wedding market in Changchun City learned that wedding booking at least 3 months in advance.


wedding planning customized services


26th, reporters Guilin road, Changchun visited several wedding planning companies understand, as May is the peak of wedding, forthcoming April will become the most popular wedding month. Visit several wedding, wedding book at least 3 months in advance, and some even half a year in advance.


Meanwhile, the Changchun's wedding planning begins from the packages into customized, new wedding planning company, you can choose the services they need, tailored his own wedding. "The wedding planning prices in Changchun City, generally cost between 30,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan. If you select small wedding planning company low price of around 10,000 yuan. "A wedding in Changchun planning Director Ms Geng said. Meanwhile, Ms Geng, now there is an outdoor wedding in Changchun City and Western-style wedding, and expensive. In outdoor wedding, for example, only meal standard minimum consumption is up to 120 Yuan per person, such as venues accommodate 300 people, dinner will cost nearly 40,000 yuan. Western wedding meal prices of more than 300 yuan per person, the venue holds up to 230 people, where only the meals cost nearly 70,000 yuan, then count the wedding arrangement and ceremonies, makeup, camera and other expenses, a wedding will cost at least 100,000 yuan.


in addition, the selection of wedding planning companies have also launched targeted, such as reminding newcomers began to recommend beauty care, selection of dresses, honeymoon, and this will push up the overall cost of the wedding.


wedding Grand or not associated with happiness


arranged wedding price getting higher and higher, the wedding is more and more grand, but really need to spend 100,000 Yuan or more to create a personalized wedding? Researcher at the development research center of Jilin provincial government Wang Zhanguo said that luxury wind had intensified at the wedding, but the Grand wedding or not positive correlation with happiness does not.


he said there are a lot of people pay attention to wedding planning, pay attention to the wedding scene, this can on the one hand reflects the people's standard of living is getting better, an increase in economic strength, "money to spend". But on the other hand also to eliminate vanity, compare the psychological, the wedding is to lose.


"Grand or wedding and marriage happiness does not positively related to wedding is ' temporary ' marriage ' for life ', to deal with wedding and marriage relationship is our attention. "Wang Zhanguo said.


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