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Zhuzhou wedding company surged only 20 "genuine"

This year is the Chinese traditional culture in the auspicious year – year of the Dragon, and coincides with the "double spring" (due to a leap in April, has 13 months of this year, 25 cycle, towards the end of the first one, "Spring", known as "double spring"), public marriage boom. Only the first 3 months, and over has increased by more than 20 wedding companies in the market. From 2008 to the present as little as 4 years, Zhuzhou wedding company on the market has increased from several prices rose to more than 100 enterprises.


"the cake is just this big, more and more people, less profit more. "Some in the industry worry that cohabitation wedding market can provide satisfactory service for the consumer? The wedding market will fall into the vicious circle of low profits and poor service?


fashionable wedding services company, since 2008


Red-armed into the wedding industry starting from the late 80, Zhuzhou earlier in one of the wedding industry professionals. He has deep feelings for development in this market: hire a wedding company culture is getting stronger, is after 2008, "before the wedding, as long as the camera taking pictures."


"every month we pick more than more than 30 single at that time, barely had time to spare. "In the deep impression, that is the most brilliant periods in the history of the company.


the eruption also created a wedding company rapid growth of the market. In 2008, wedding, big and small companies continue to appear on the market. Hunan province marriage Industry Association Dr Secretary-General introduced, currently Zhuzhou greatly small wedding institutions has up more than 100 more than, which more than 20 more than scale larger, "this more than 20 more than are is has company business license, business area 70 square meters above, has full-time personnel 4 people above (photography, and planning, and presided over, and television edit), practitioners are is holding card induction (has career qualification card or association training certificate)".


wedding "guerrilla" return empty-handed to take a stand


Dr Secretary-General, the large surplus of wedding agencies by studios or temporary combination of friends, and some don't even have offices. "More than more than 100 wedding agencies, about about 60% is by the flower shop, car rental, non-professional support services provided by these wedding stores converted to. This not only related to market demand, the wedding too low a threshold for market access is an important reason. ”


"to big you can invest millions, but thousands of small blocks can also be done, some even empty glove White Wolf. "Wu says, red, self-employed merchant wedding company invested more than 2 million. "But many start-ups spend more than 1000 Yuan buying a device, open access list, no staff outside the provisional list. ”


job was master of ceremonies, cinematographers, who also announced his wedding company. "In fact, give yourself a brand, guerilla encounters business did it in a hurry. Even it was the whole family, make their own ceremonies, wife video, parents for help handling, equipment was rented. "Forever wedding etiquette, General Manager-cum-nine images this way as" empty glove White Wolf ".


"motley crew" competing on price, service complaints


large wedding company piled on, not only so that markets are saturated, and got confused. Yin Hongwu said, in the past two years, has rarely received more than 30 per month. Not long ago, just enough to start receiving a customer message, to tell him to cancel a planned order for more than 3,000 yuan, because someone has chosen a wedding company, the price was less than 2000 Yuan.


"prices around 2000, wedding company profits are negligible. "Some people in the industry told reporters that in general terms, ask the driver to be around 400 Yuan, a wedding ceremony should be at least 500 Yuan, cameraman was about 500 Yuan, plus the buchang and equipment expenses, profits are low. "To want to ensure profits, some links, some services may be discounted. ”


but there are who do not agree, "the development of any industry, there is a start to follow, saturated, excess, and then to the shuffling process. "For consumers, however, basic consumer is the life time of the marriage ceremony services, if left regret will be difficult to make up. Marriage Association currently accepts complaints from Zhuzhou, wedding service standards, service costs involved mostly complaints, such as conformity of the service standards, host temporary transfer. Among them, and to various types of "Cottage" wedding companies. Young Secretary-General warned consumers to avoid the "trap", the people still try to choose a reputable genuine wedding services company.


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