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MC jiuchang said the groom, bride and married away

Washington,   at the wedding ceremony, MC nasty error says something, the groom is married, abruptly early marriage, the bride away. Yesterday, the groom praised his Commerce Department about this dubious ceremony, and wedding company compensation for moral damages.


public Zhong zhifang, Jiangxia district is Mr. At noon the day before yesterday, Ms Dong Zhi Fang Jie and his bride a hotel wedding, wedding ceremony sent by Fang Jie Li JiaCheng paper wedding ceremonies hosted. The wedding process, because the bride and groom forgot to wear a corsage, booing caused friends and relatives, to control the scene MC says into the microphone: "according to local customs, married people don't have to wear a corsage! "During the catcalls, embarrassment, bride left.


complaints to groom Chung, master of ceremonies Jiang argued that information married the groom Chung to tell him in person, and tell it like it is in order to save. And business personnel to identify, Mr Chung said before marriage, but the bride was married, to let her guests embarrassment, he invited the MC must be kept confidential.


business author, master of ceremonies for the rescue will be his personal privacy was made public, though it is in good faith, but also ruin the wedding atmosphere and spiritual harm to the bride. After mediation, master of ceremonies Jiang Xiang Zhong apology, wedding Bell 400 MC returned to the Department as compensation.   

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