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Mudanjiang is expected to set up a standard wedding marriage market

Network  3 in Mudanjiang of Northeast 15th wedding etiquette in our province Industry Association of the wedding etiquette industry complaint handling methods in Heilongjiang province, which enumerates the various wedding services approach. Recently, reader's Advisory, the city there is no wedding Association, once the couple's wedding etiquette service flaws the how to rights? Reporters communication, provincial marriage Association decided recently set up an Office in the city, prior to citizens complained to the provincial marriage Association of wedding-related disputes.


it is understood that the new measures on the wedding company providing wedding car inconsistent with the agreement, camera (video) content is missing important scenes are detailed, such as penalties, but only in provincial marriage Association 68 wedding etiquette implementation unit, the city is still not wedding etiquette industry association.


according to incomplete statistics, more than I, has more than 40 wedding etiquette service enterprises, which has 12 of the industrial and commercial registration (around 8). Reporter random on this 8 home wedding company for survey found, each home of wedding etiquette service punishment way and charges are different, to approach in the "MC mistake new names the buckle half ' appearances fee '" of provides for cases, has three home wedding company said, once appeared this situation MC will a points money also took not to, and other wedding company is said, to see new has what requirements, if new not held, company also not delve into.


, Association officials said, can be seen from this example, the City wedding market service varies greatly, and, judging from complaints, wedding video is not clear, the wedding service and also more prominent complaint also has an upward trend, but the measures are not in the Business Department, hard as the basis for rights in our city.


City couple when faced with problems what should I do? In recent days, reporters on the line, wedding Association President Wang Guang, he says, in order to standardize the wedding market in Mudanjiang area Guide, provincial staff preparation for the April marriage come to visit, if conditions are right will set up an office location that wedding Association. Prior to this, related problems, if members of the public during the wedding, I can directly dial the telephone 0451-88338148, 82972888, by the provincial association to help coordinate the wedding rights.


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