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Wedding etiquette Association initiative, Heilongjiang province, industry self-regulation

 29 day, wedding etiquette, Heilongjiang province industry association initiatives and called on members and Member, governing units and branding the wedding company, as well as the majority of new people to boycott the hotel reception charge entry fee, and to launch the wedding company signed "do not participate in competition against hotel rules" the self-discipline Convention.


wedding etiquette, said Wang Guang, President of the industry association, newcomer to the hotel reception, service charge is paid, the hotel should be facilitated. New wedding services of their choice, such as host, set decoration and so on, does not occupy the hotel's cost and service, there is no reason to pay the entry fee. Although some hotels claim to be charged to the wedding, but are actually passed on to the consumers, forced consumption of suspicion. The Consumer Protection Act, consumers have the right to free choice of goods or services. Consumers have the right to choose the operator that provides goods or services, free choice of varieties of goods or service, decide to buy or not to buy any kind of product, accept or do not accept any kind of service. Accordingly, specified by the hotel caters for weddings, wedding company in violation of the above provisions, violated consumers ' right to choose and the right to fair trade.


Hotel collection wedding slotting "unspoken rules" wedding Association suggested the couple encountered similar problems, should dare to say "no". Hotel choice, try to choose does not provide wedding hotels wedding. If wedding company charging items appear in "admission to the hotel" projects, new people should be resisted, or to the Association and the Department of industry and commerce, and safeguard their lawful rights and interests. At present, the wedding Association is working with related departments to make my wedding etiquette, industry standard, normalizes the wedding Agency, hoping in this way to maintain industry standards and protecting consumers. Even wedding hotels under the Ministry, should also be in accordance with the specification requirements to undertake a wedding.  


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