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Xiamen wedding photo studio alternative "girlfriends wedding photos" pop

People's daily online   two girls dressed in wedding dress, snuggle close, such photos, people can not help but to guess the two heroines in the photo. However, don't get me wrong, they are girlfriends!


a few days ago, one of the friends in Xiamen, Xiamen has a profile on popular online community which she and friends shot   "female wedding."


"to my dear girlfriends: Darling, over the years, you give me warm, laugh together with me and the one who is, you accompany me 2 mad with me, you, the good things in my life. March 2011 at the Studio the wedding when you all with me, see me smile, you say you're just jealous which, when we arranged, to work together to take popular girlfriends picture...... "


the Netizen said, photos came out, see a beautiful fashion, could not help but put out to "smug", print photos at the same time, the user is also posting to their girlfriends in high profile   "love": "we want to do a lifetime of good sister, has been so good. ”

photos, on the online community, praise arose, many female friends to follow suit, and girlfriends to shoot such a beautiful "female wedding."


yesterday, the Herald reporter also several studios to Xiamen to understand this kind of "female wedding" filmed, according to some Studio staff, filming "girlfriends wedding" had recently been increased. "The alternative wedding is popular among young people, photographers and people feel that together with girlfriends put on a wedding dress, leaving the two most beautiful moments and affection among the girls good. "A Studio staff member said.


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