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Quality supervision Bureau of linyi wedding check health of worrying

The arrival of spring, select more and more wedding couple, wedding photo studio business is booming. Meanwhile, more and more complaints about quality wedding dresses, gowns, 28th, journalist with the quality supervision Bureau of linyi city fiber inspection and law enforcement officials raided some of the photographers in the urban area and most substandard wedding, there is no purchase channels, certification, PH value is exceeded, and so on.


user: wear free wedding skin itching, tears


this spring, people married Yang and her husband, a booked wedding photos wedding photo studio in the urban areas. At the time of their wedding photos, Yang was found free wedding dresses bridal shops offer a little dirty, was very excited and she didn't care too much, but dress to wear after a while, young woman has symptoms such as itching, tearing of the skin. Yang immediately reported the matter to the quality supervision Department.


at about 10 o'clock in the morning, reporters followed the municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision Yi Meng Lu, fiber inspection by law enforcement officers to a larger wedding photo studio to check, after law enforcement officials identify himself called to check the wedding, the Studio's staff said his boss was not at home, you need to contact the owner. When law enforcement officers came to the Studio the dressing room only to find that, despite the hours, has a lock on the door was, unable to enter. Fiber municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, inspection and law enforcement officials said, being unable to determine whether the Studio bridal quality problems exist, but they will continue to focus on, if the Studio has not been cooperative, quality supervision departments will be dealt with according to law, and recommended that the Commerce Department revoked its business license.


bridal shops: wedding dress worn once wash    garage is said by catty


then, journalists from municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision fiber inspection by law enforcement officers came to Lee wedding photo studio is also located in the Jiefang road, Lee's wedding as the linyi largest wedding photo studio, fully complies with the inspection of law enforcement personnel, in the wedding photo studio in the locker room, reporters see all alternative wedding dress with a special bag packing, after customers fancy styles can only try. "We specifically have 5 person responsible for cleaning wedding dress, wedding dress after each use, professional disinfection and cleaning. "The Studio Manager Liu Dan said.


law enforcement officials told reporters that in the course of checks, law enforcement officers from the sensual appearance of the wedding decision, focusing on the wedding dress hems, shoulder, neck and other parts of serious contamination; appearance has no serious damage is easy to scratch the skin of metal pins and other projects. For wedding dresses purchased new, comprehensive quality information on their product label. For color fastness, formaldehyde and other physical indicators, needs to pass a professional examination can be determined.


Liu Dan, told reporters that during the filming of Wedding couples, most log-people choose to hire a wedding dress, instead of buying a wedding dress. In their shop, wedding dresses when used for the first time, customers need to pay rent separately, free of charge to the customer after use. Each repeat rental 5 times is eliminated. Out of the wedding to do with it, Liu Dan's answer is junk low prices, are said by catty. "Thrift is said by catty, a wedding dress was a little weight, has sold dozens of money altogether. Many bridal shops, especially wedding photo studio in villages and towns, often to buy their outdated products. ”

quality inspection departments: substandard wedding   fine or ban business qualifications


fiber municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, inspection and law enforcement personnel, service operators available for consumers to use products, products must be qualified. Because this link is neither production nor sales, blind spot, later amendments to the law on product quality, service operators use substandard products available to consumers, depending on the sale of substandard products that they be ordered to stop such acts in accordance with law, confiscation of inferior products, fines and other penalties.


fiber municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision and inspection and the Chief, Lee told reporters that this review of the wedding photo studio is the national mandatory standards on the basis of the GB18401-2003  national textile product basic safety technical specification and the GB5296.4-1998  instructions for use on textiles and clothing, as well as to compel the industry standards of the FZ/T81015-2008  wedding dresses and gowns. Wedding and dress is October 1, 2008 began implementation of part provisions mandatory of industry standard, full provides test (test) method, and test classification rules, and logo, and packaging, and transport and the storage, all technology features, on wedding and dress in products of color fastness requirements, and basic security technology requirements and fiber components and content, are made has specific clear of provides, applies Yu to looms fabric for main raw materials production of skirt class of wedding and dress. This standard according to the characteristics of wedding dresses and gowns, in regular clothes appearance quality requirements, products are also embroidered, sequin pattern and color and other quality requirements are provided in detail.


law enforcement officials told reporters that they found in a check of dress identifies lack most of the wedding photo studio, no logo, no certificate of durability, no formal purchase channels, PH value is exceeded, and most wedding dresses, gowns have not been cleaned and repaired in a timely manner, resulting in serious contamination, defect. "Because of the wedding is a public clothing, most of the repetitive use, not scientifically reasonable cleaning, can easily lead to the spread of skin diseases, hepatitis and other diseases. ”


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