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Studio missing wedding photos constitute service agreements should pay

On March 28, the laoling Yang reflects wedding wedding ceremony photos barely come out, she found the wedding company seeks compensation for, the other attitude is particularly tough, refusing compensation. In this regard, the lawyers said, now that Yang is already paid for, wedding company should be responsible for lost photos, if the negotiations fell through, can be resolved through legal channels.


it turned out that Dr wedding on March 18, the family hired a wedding in the wedding day video shoot, costing 600 Yuan. Yang said that the wedding company in addition to the video of the day, and took a lot of photos, "we chose more than 20 photographs from the camera on the day, and the money paid for the pictures on the spot. "Unexpectedly, the photos but was told not to come out in a few days," the wedding company says computer problems, photos are basically gone, only a photo, we took over more than 20. "Angry young woman to call the wedding want to get a statement," they were tough, lost my pictures of money, and also give me a wedding video CD. "Miss Yang said photos missing wedding company be held totally responsible," the pictures do not come out, it behooves them damages for emotional loss. ”


subsequently, the phone to contact the wedding company Sue Manager, "when they asked us to be responsible for the video, not to say a photo. They see we took the camera to only ask us to take pictures of, which is required for temporary and even washed out, well, don't blame us. ”


after reporters coordination, says Sue Manager apologized to the couple, and free pictures for him, "but the machine is out of order, is not what we intended, they can be free to take a few pictures, but not compensation for so-called moral damages. ”


Shandong won law firm Tian Shusen said: "even if the requirement is temporary and who asked to take a picture, but pay constitutes a service contract agreement, wedding company should be responsible for photo loss. If private negotiations fell through on both sides, can be solved through legal means. ”


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