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Maryland wedding photographers set up Union prices will have standard

Gorgeous festive wedding sets, romantic and meaningful oath, wisecracking emcee presided over ... ... Now, for this wedding Lanzhou people are more and more willing to "deal or no deal." Lanzhou, but for tens of thousands of new people every year, and after the wedding day, want to savour a warm and lively scene, is through CDs and videos. Huge market demand, let more and more people have watched this "cake". Thus, wedding photography business is increasing rapidly in recent years, in terms of technology and equipment is uneven, there is even "buy a camera today, tomorrow the cameraman" phenomenon.  Facing this situation, some veteran wedding camera crews in Lanzhou, has initiated the establishment of a "cartel", through this platform, to enable video services and quality of double protection.


"the machine is the cameraman"


"wedding" is most remember in life, must be faithfully recorded. But now there are so many wedding photographers, how do I select it? "Early spring afternoon, 26-year old Liu Yuping sat quietly in front of the window, two weeks later, she and the boyfriend of 4 years on the red carpet. Careful preparation of the wedding budget has exceeded 20,000 yuan. Thought everything, but after watching the girlfriends wedding video, she cannot help but worry, tired and stiff expression, noisy and chaotic scenes ... ... That not long ago to impress her wedding, complete with a different look in the CD.


with the gradual increase of market demand, wedding photographers also seem in short supply. Wedding photography is a highly professional business. But as DV, DC's popularity, many people fancy wedding photography this cake. Invested thousands of Yuan to buy a mini camera on his shoulder became wedding photographers, this phenomenon, is now common.


in the tight market situation, more and more technical equipment there is lack of "motley crew" and enter the ranks of the wedding photographer. Today, wedding, photo gallery and even flower shops, have all played the "professional wedding photography" signs, Lanzhou, district in the wedding photography market situation.


on the market of "ubiquitous" wedding photographer, most of the newcomers are "confused" when the wedding will often choose to have wedding company providing a package of services. And because of the costs, expenses, and other reasons, current Maryland wedding company, most are not full-time cameraman, only when there is a wedding customer demand will only be temporary contact wedding photographer. This situation, significantly decreased the stability of wedding video practitioners.


Meanwhile, a few wedding companies in order to reduce costs, will leave the list to those who offer very low cameraman, and most of these cameramen without professional training, skills, experience and equipment cannot be compared with professional photographers, their experience is often very short.

wedding photography is a skill


"the new people at the wedding, choose cameraman should be as carefully and selection of wedding and wedding. A good photographer is also not easy to find. Lanzhou market the cameraman can be said at present District. Novice senior photographer and early comers, ' professional wedding photography ' signs. "The 54-year old fan, 1992 engaged in professional wedding photography, and three years later set up his own Photography Studio. In Lanzhou in the wedding photography industry, nothing short of a Union of "old timers".


"as a photographer in the wedding industry, you must configure the HD camcorder, professional processing equipment added later, no tens of thousands of Yuan down. And this requires not only a lot of money and years of accumulation and precipitation, and can learn overnight. "Speaking of himself in the wedding photography industry, fan with deep feeling. "Every time the wedding day, wedding photographers were shooting from around eight o'clock in the morning until two or three in the afternoon, well after the shooting, also tried to clip a screening and post-production. ”


"today's wedding photography, taken into consideration for each lens to post-production use. A professional cameraman if he does not understand later editing, production, could not be called a good photographer. "Professional wedding photography 6 years, Lee said.


in recent years, with the development of Lanzhou wedding video market, today's wedding photography, already from the previous simple documentary, events photography, elevated to the aesthetic and artistic level. Requirements for wedding videographers are also improving. Wedding photographer had not previously required it, hoisting the stable machines on the line. Professional photography, photographers must first have the professional skills and professional equipment.


camera set up a cartel of Lanzhou


at present, over more than 700 personnel engaged in wedding photography in Lanzhou, levels of used camera equipment also have differences. In Maryland, wedding photographers the emergence of this career, it has been nearly 20 years. But because of the lack of oversight and management, in areas such as quality of employees, and industry self-regulation, there has been a certain lack of. At present, not only levels of camera crews, also heavily the malicious competition among peers.


wedding video market status, not only restricts the development of the industry, also attracted the attention of many wedding video practitioners in Lanzhou. To promote the development of the wedding photography industry, recently, Lanzhou, a team of professional wedding videographers, wedding video practitioners Union was launched. Over more than 30 wedding photography studio group, becoming the first member of the Union.


"our Union, are a wedding video practitioners established in Lanzhou civil society organizations. We hope to establish a peer assistance and monitoring organization, and avoid vicious competition between peers. Meanwhile, through this platform to achieve the video quality of service and double protection. "The Union of sponsors fan said, because there is no effective channels to obtain information, now many couples through wedding company acquaintances or friends, such as ways to find wedding photographers, selected surface is relatively narrow. A lot of new people in organizing a wedding, faces can't find the cameraman's embarrassment. And now their wedding video's get together to set up this cartel, is intended to provide a choice for the new camera platform.


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