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Several food and beverage companies opposed to waive wedding in Harbin "entry fee"

28th, convened by the trade and Industry Bureau of consumer protection in Harbin a catering service enterprise tying Colloquium on wedding services. Over more than 20 restaurants participating heads of most "wedding entry fee" was necessary to charge, only some made no entry fee, running at a package price. But provincial food industry association believes that Association did not in any way informed members that the hotel charged the fee, but the hotel charged. Wedding Association, officials said, charging the "wedding entry fee" unreasonably, alleged unfair competition, and appeals to wedding etiquette company strongly resisted.


1, restaurant "lean": "site fees" reasonable


28th, in Hashi Forum organized by the business sector, participating restaurants "fell", said the entry of wedding are normal fees. Red restaurant, Executive Vice President Li Haiyan consider, catering businesses and consumers is the service and the service relationship, but because the company is a marketing company, to provide consumers with a wedding of "one-stop" service, if the wedding couple with a wedding in the hotel layout, used in stage lighting and sound facilities, charge, or "lease".


Chef taste of Fame official said, choices for wedding, new hotel "agreement wedding", site fees, service fees, all free, prices and talk to the wedding. While the other wedding companies, paying 1800 Yuan needs to enter set the stage and projection equipment and other devices. The official believes that hotels charge a certain amount of "entry fee" has some truth, and adopt the principle of voluntary, not mandatory.


Kang Lei BOR Hotel Manager ask Li about said company provides wedding etiquette, appropriate related costs should be reasonable. Because the layout required for the wedding scene of water, electricity, lighting and other expenses greater energy consumption, and therefore require additional fees. The Forum, grandmother Center, restaurant, Chang Jun hotel, good hotel, Heilongjiang Tong-Nan hotels near 20 hotels were of the view that hotels provided venues for wedding company business activities, as well as hydropower, banquet after the hotels are also responsible for cleaning up the site, to collect "sites". Specifies the wedding company, because long-term cooperation relationship with the hotels of wedding agencies, are familiar with the situation of the hotel, features fast, convenient and safe.


2, the Restaurant Association supports   an appropriate charge "entry fee"


Province the catering trade association President Zhou Jingyuan said Hotels currently Harbin to host the wedding than eighty thousand or ninety thousand couples got married in a year, created a seller's market. Under the conditions of market economy, labor costs, rising food prices, hotel costs and other, together with the wedding industry is also a for-profit industry, there are wedding company occupied after entering the hotel's space and power consumption costs. Therefore, wedding entry fee, Hotel Restaurant Association supports "appropriate a little bit, but not expensive".


President Zhou said, for "wedding slotting" the hotel must be informed in advance, the best price. Can't wait for the couple married after the feast. And such costs shall be borne by the wedding company, rather than passed on to the new.


3, wedding Association: "entry fee" are improper fees


about hotel collection wedding "entry fee", a wedding, said Wang Guang, President of the Association, hotel charge wedding "entry fee" alleged unfair competition. Wong said some recent wedding ceremony company by way of unfair competition hotel, combined with many wedding company contracted hotels and lump-sum payments to the hotel contract costs, other wedding companies want to enter the hotel, you will have to pay a fee. This bundled service consumption behavior is unfair. Root according to survey, hotel charged entry fee has three species form: a is hotel directly to wedding company charged 1000 Yuan to 3000 Yuan, even more of entry fee; II is new wants to in hotel set married Banquet, to by hotel signed of wedding company provides service, or charged high entry fee; three is Hotel recommended or himself business of wedding service, other wedding company are cannot into. And the time for hotels to charge new, also conveniently includes entry fee.


Wong said that the newcomer to the hotel wedding banquet, formed a kind of contractual relationship with the hotel, service charge is paid, the hotel should be made available on the services. New wedding services of their choice, as master of ceremonies, music, settings, etc, does not occupy the hotel's cost and service, hotel there is no reason to charge entry fee. Also remind new handle the wedding it is best to look for wedding etiquette company, by their contact for wedding hotels because the hotel belongs to the wedding company the normal operating range. Hotel collection wedding entrance fee or recommended manners company belonging to the Super scope, consumers have the right to submit complaints to the industrial and commercial sectors or associations and wedding Association complained to the public phone--88338148. If Members involve the payment of "wedding entry fee", Hotel Association will cancel the membership, and recommended that the functional authorities for investigation and rectification. And called for the formal wedding ceremony company firmly reject this unreasonable charges.


Harbin eighty thousand or ninety thousand couples got married in a year, as a direct beneficiary, how consumers perceive hotels charge "wedding entrance fee"? This should take? How?


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