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Yibin April "late" wedding due to "half-closed"

March is nearly over, April came to. From December, in March the wedding market and present delicate situation, this trend will spread in April, insiders predicted that April could become the least month of the year, bottoming out can only be achieved by May.   

counting March   wedding chill   "Indian summer" does not appear


"in March this year the market is not too optimistic, compared to December of this year, more than in March last year. "The March will be the last, reporter visited a number of wedding company found in March, Indian summer weather and didn't let the wedding market quick to heat up, on the contrary, spring wedding has not come.


a wedding company said March wedding is mainly focused on 10, 11, 17, 24 days, get together wedding professionals feel tangled: tight wedding company staff, limited orders a day, business runs, really uncomfortable.


"on March 10, has pushed at least 10 single, who don't want to do, but the host could not be found, camera, only reluctantly part with it. "Urban wedding company store receptionist said that almost all the wedding order fulfilment.


"get together wedding, uneven. "The wedding said Miss LI, unable to string field, can only receive a single," on March 4 and 25th two weeks days missed list, March 24 orders of 5 or 6. If shared evenly, business will be better. "Miss LI said in March last year, she received 15 orders, while this year only 9.


reporters learned March outside the wedding except for a few peak wedding day March 12, 13, 15, 21, 27 and 29th day there are a lot of new people into the aisle. City says a wedding company Manager, through March, the company had 15, compared with the same period last year, down 30%, "in fact, every month there are plenty of people, more than just wedding company, is allocated to each company for the natural decrease. ”


according to one industry source, the season of spring March is very appropriate to married, yet business should be booming, but in March of this year, the marriage market chill, "Indian summer" weather has not materialised.   


meet April   "late" hit   wedding "half-closed"


do you choose to marry on April 1? "Funny, which on April Fool's day to get married? "The couple refused.


in a company Mr Huang was married on April 1, 2008, has been recalled, he lamented. "At that time to send invitations to friends, a lot of people say don't try to kid me, by that time, we will come. "Mr Wong said after the wedding day, I have friends who are not present.


qingming holiday this year April 2-4th, usually whenever the holidays downtown restaurants are new to seize an empty. "Qingming season of sacrifice, we do not like weddings at this time. "South Bank a restaurant manager said, in all kinds of holidays, but few couples choose the Ching Ming Festival.


as the wedding is booked in advance, so now can predict April wedding trends. "The pale, so far booked only 1 single. "On March 20, the South Bank a wedding company Manager said every April light, but more pronounced this year.


"we are only married April only has closed. "Urban wedding company store receptionist depressed, compared with costs in April and doomed to loss. Reporters learned April market still appear lumpy wedding, many couples choose the day for April 15, 21, 22, 30th.


"on April 15 we have 2 high, one in the Blue Sky Hotel, one is in Arcadia, in addition there are 2 General marriage. "City said Guo, Director of a wedding company. According to holiday, labor day vacation time this year April 2 September-May 1st, these three days will surely be married peak, "April 29 and 30th days somebody orders. "Some wedding companies said that the dip in April for only the light, or more bleak.


"the wedding of April light, all organizations where tourism, give yourself a holiday. "At home wedding QQ Group from time to time on the post," top, and praise one, my first name. "Post, post people.


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