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Crystal silk flower packages

flowers (flowers):

marry flower arrangement (models can be selected)

with simple layout

bride's bouquet a bunch      (models can be selected)

groom's boutonniere, the bride wrist flower, flower head, bridesmaids, best man boutonniere, the Club spent a total of 8 flowers. Two blue petals

wedding layout classes:

five-headed or single sided half full., silk flowers arch yarn art (a)

continental silk fabric background design (with background)

silk flowers before the background Rome (2)

silk flower corridor Li Ting (6, vertical yarns)

flower silk flower table (10 tables)

main table silk flower arrangement

Chair backpack yarn

personality booster

silk flower Crystal candelabrum (including candlelight ceremonies, large candles, floating candles on the menorah)

candlelight ceremony Candles candle cups 11

personalized silk flower reception table arrangement

candlestick layout

personalized silk flower champagne arrangement

hardware categories:

double remote controlled bubble machine (bubbling oil, remote controls, operator name)

colorful computer follow spot light (1200W. operator's name)

free offer:

wedding background music design          creative design

a copy of the memorandum

theme design              send registration boyiben

send sign in gold pen a          sent invitations to 20                               

get matches sent two seats card 20

full subject yarn art design      send greeting cards    sent to hotel wedding room layout

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